Women’s Awakening Journey

Women’s Awakening Journey


Women’s Awakening Journey, is a 30 day transformational women’s empowerment program designed to break though your limiting beliefs and end self-sabotage.

Women’s Empowerment Specialist, and Transformational Author, Jan Deelstra, takes you on a guided tour of your limitless life potential in this exclusive Women’s Awakening Journey where YOU are the star of YOUR consciously created life!

  • No more living by default.
  • No longer at the strings of your subconscious puppeteer.
  • YOU take control of YOUR outcome.

The Women’s Awakening Journey is an empowering self-coaching experience for you to immerse fully into the transformational process. The program includes four intensive weeks of rapid transformational facilitation that takes place in the comfort and privacy of your own home.

The Women’s Awakening Journey is the beginning step to rapidly building self-awareness and to creating near immediate consciousness shifts.


  • In 30 short days you will own your power.
  • Just four weeks from the time you click the PayPal button

If you are near-ready or absolutely ready to transform into the life you were born to experience, the Women’s Awakening Journey is a perfect place to begin your life enhancing transformation.

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Click this bonus Owning the Whole Assessment hyperlink to download your no-obligation questionnaire to help with your journey in the Women’s Awakening Journey program. Fill in the form in the privacy of your own thoughts and in your own home. Take your time, and be gentle with you. NO PRESSURE! Once you have completed the assessment, you’ll have a clear picture of what to release, and what to own as being an empowering part of the authentic you. Instructions on how to incorporate the answers into your process will be provided with the first module.

The Women’s Awakening Journey is intensive and fast paced and effective. And it is not for everyone. If you are committed to your evolution, this Women’s Awakening Journey is for you. Secure your space using the PayPal button below:

Courses are ongoing in 4 week modules. As soon as payment is received, you will receive you first module.

This is a VERY INVOLVED PROGRAM. It requires commitment and a clear desire to transform your life in at least one area of your life. Once you’re provided the techniques and tools for your transformation, your success is in your own hands.

And make no mistake about it:


Is that what YOU want for you?

If we’re on the same page, start your self-guided transformation today using the secure PayPal Button. The moment you click the PayPal Button is the moment you commit to the life you are meant to live.

The investment for the 4 Week Women’s Awakening Journey is $497. That’s an incredibly low price for awakening to your limitless potential.

The Assessment is FREE of charge and it is a great tool to fill out regardless of if you enter into the Women’s Awakening Journey.

What are the ‘YOU benefits’ of the Women’s Awakening Journey?

        • You get YOU, enhanced with acute self-awareness
        • You, empowered with renewed confidence
        • You, on the path to a clarified destination
        • You, freed from the shackles of the past
        • You, with new transformational tools for life
        • You get the PRICELESS gift of YOU!

To read about empowerment, click the book covers. You’ll be taken to Amazon for purchasing.

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