Women’s Empowerment Coach Meets Hypnotherapy

hypnosisAs a women’s empowerment coach, there’s not a lot I haven’t seen or heard in terms of human conditions and experiences. That’s not to say I am ever bored ~I am NOT! In the approximately 3 decades of studying human nature, and offering empowerment tools of the trade, there has never been a time when I questioned my calling and purpose. It’s the energy that propels me like a feather on the jet stream, leading me to write books, conduct intimate highly intensive self-esteem bolstering empowerment groups, to work one-on-one, and to continue my education, and to add new tricks to my toolbox of self-development, and spiritual development.

In a “women’s empowerment coach meets hypnotherapy” stream of evolution, I have recently become certified as a hypnotherapist. (If visions of talking like a chicken rear their ugly head, be assured, it’s not THAT kind of Hollywood-ized hypnosis techniques!) It’s been months of study, and frankly, it took a LOT of un-learning for me to embrace the idea of adding hypnotherapist to my repertoire. Mostly because I was once on stage as a charlatan attempted to get me to do that chicken-thing, I am skeptical. And for the record, I was NOT hypnotized into becoming a farm animal.

Adding new skills and techniques to my toolkit just means I’ll have more to offer. And that’s a very good thing. But in order to overcome my limiting beliefs about hypnotism I had to learn what hypnosis is, and what it is not. It’s decidedly not about making anyone do anything they do not want to do. It’s a tool for reaching the subconscious mind to open it to a new identity of the recipient, and unless they specifically ask to be made to act like a chicken, I’m not planting the suggestion!

It’s effective in changing the self-image from a smoker to a non-smoker; it works to help form the image of a healthy body as opposed to an obese unhealthy body; it is highly effective in shifting a scarcity poverty mentality to a wealth mentality; it’s fabulous for instilling the seeds of growing self-love and self-esteem and confidence.

Here’s the truth about hypnosis: The word means to sleep. We all enter hypnotic states several times each day, and it is a perfectly natural state. Consider when you are on the Internet, and realize you’ve been down the rabbit hole for hours, and not just the few minutes that you had planned to spend. You were mesmerized and lost time in cyber-space. Likewise, when you’ve been driving a long time, and suddenly you realize that you have not been paying attention. Regardless of your focus on the road, you would be able to respond if required, such as when another vehicle passes you, or when you need to be more alert. Another example of being hypnotized in the light Alpha state of consciousness is when reading a good book, or even watching a particularly involved show or movie. You may be so immersed in the storyline that you forget to be present, but if someone were to interrupt, you would be alert immediately. (And no one could get you to act like a chicken, I’m guessing….)

Alpha is the relaxed state which we are in when we are awake, and fully relaxed. I meditate so I am very familiar with this feeling, and find it enjoyable. It’s the state I am in while I sit on the boulder and listen to guided meditations with my headphones on. My eyes are often open as I look around my peaceful environment, but are just as often closed. Either way, but especially with eyes closed, we are approximately 200% more open to suggestion while in the Alpha state of consciousness. That’s a pretty big increase in suggestibility, so it’s a highly effective place to create transformative change with no fear…of farm animals!

At the deeper state of Theta consciousness, we are lightly asleep, but would awaken to a soft touch. Where the Alpha and Theta states meet is prime real estate for personal change. It’s the place where we are falling asleep, before we are in the deepest Delta state of consciousness. Delta is the depths of sleep.

Clients ask what happens if they fall asleep during a hypnotic session. It makes no difference, as when the eyes close the ears remain open. Actually, all the senses remain active, but that’s a story for another time, as this is getting lengthy and I don’t like to bore. Suffice it to say that whether a client recalls everything that transpires and remains in Alpha, or goes completely into Delta, the results are there. The benefits are apparent.

So watch for things to come, because as I record some fresh, more professional MP3s of hypnotic sessions, I’ll post them and let you decide if hypnosis is for you. For me, I am no longer a skeptic of the process, only of the purveyors of artificial acts.

To tie up this little hypnosis blip, I am compelled to mention two things:

  1. You may believe that you are not capable of being hypnotized. To this I say, read the part above about the Alpha state.
  2. Regardless of how deeply you are hypnotized, at any time you desired, you could count to three and be out of hypnosis. And again, there’s nothing to fear because hypnosis is a natural state. Maybe you’re even there now….


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