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Women’s Empowerment’s Energetic Charge

“Women’s Empowerment” carries an energetic charge as it focuses on shifting the paradigm from competition to cooperation, from closed to receptive, win-win….

Women’s Empowerment: What energetic charge does the term hold for you? Does the term bring images of suffragists to the mind’s forefront? Do you picture burning bras and posters touting equality? How does it feel in your gut? Do visions of amendments dance in your head? Is your reaction to “women’s empowerment” fear-based? love-based? neutral?

burning bras

Words have an energetic charge. A simple grouping of letters may cause us to take an immediate stance into defending our beliefs, our homelands, our homes, and our loved-ones. Mostly, we take a stand to defend the status quo. We refer to our “values” as the core reason for digging in. And some values are worthy of going to the mat to defend.
Defending the familiar, however, is often a blind attack born of cultural and/or familial mores. It’s what you’re used to that is being defended rather than what may be in the best interest for the Earth and for the species living on her crust.

Message Stones

All words have power.

I’ll freely admit that I own the word “feminist,” and that I am not at all interested in being a man. And with that said, there was a time when I worked “traditional men’s jobs” (i.e. truck driving) in order to level the financial playing field and feed my kids. I’ll also admit that prior to bra-burning and talk of “women’s lib,” I still had a strong streak of fairness and equality. I believe in women’s empowerment and I believe in human empowerment. I believe in equal pay for equal work; equal rights for everyone. I believe misogynistic thinking comes from being ill-educated as to the benefits of empowerment for all, and I believe the misogynistic behavior and belief comes from fear. Who likes change? More to the point, who trusts change? “Better the Devil you know,” I hear my grandmother’s words….

But grandma was wrong.

Change is an important concept to embrace; in evolutionary terms, those who adapt/change survive. Those who do not adapt/change perish. We’re there. It’s time. There are no do-overs. There are only do it right-nows. And do it right and in the interest of all, and not for the few.

Women are awakening to the strength there is in owning their voices. And women are awakening to the power in numbers, and to the power in self-love. And in my estimation, all empowerment starts with self-love.


Today, I hope you’ll do something really loving for yourself. Even if you take only fifteen minutes for a personal time-out, sip a favorite beverage, and ponder your universe and the ways in which your light rays contribute to the whole of humankind.

Lotus Position

Go to your solar plexus and radiate consciously for a few moments. Send endless ripples of love to the pool and notice when the love returns magnified. This is my perspective of women’s empowerment. Indeed, even if you are a man reading this, the movement supports you. Balance is what’s achieved. And homeostasis/balance is the optimal condition for the human organism.
BalanceWhat women’s empowerment is not:

  • It’s not a man-hating attribute.
  • It’s not a feminine trait hating attribute.
  • It’s not a one-up attribute.
  • It’s not a competition.
  • It’s not a man-replacing attribute.
  • It’s not a belief that women are better.

What women’s empowerment is, is a belief in balance. It is a belief that as a collaborative whole, we can accomplish much that needs tending to. It is a belief that the old paradigm is broken and that it is up to women to step up. And it starts within each awakening woman, and evolving man.

Why do I consult with women? Because I am a woman and I have come through a lot, and I’m still standing, more empowered and centered than ever before. I consult because I have the toolbox and the intelligence to share the tools and techniques for speeding up the awakening and assisting any woman in releasing the internal blocks to her success. I empower women because I am an empowered woman and I recognize the possibilities in others, even when they have disowned the possibilities.


And from a clearly ego perspective, I empower women because it feels so good when a woman awakens and releases all that crap that has kept her stuck for so long, when she starts to feel her wings coming in…. It’s beautiful.


And the Universe is counting on us. Together, we are change agents creating magnificent waves, and individually, we are creating wondrous ripples of change.

If you are being held back by inner beliefs, schedule a breakthrough session and let’s release your barriers to success and fulfillment.

One thought on “Women’s Empowerment’s Energetic Charge

  1. I believe and support equality to women. I belong to a religion (Buddhism), and therefore, a culture that respects women and have equal opportunities as men in education. However as you say, when it comes to employment, just like the rest of the world, it’s not the same. To get equality we explore fields which were dominated by men; try to match their physical strength which is rather absurd,as testosterone is the very hormone that a man has which woman does not have. Still, Also, just as much as women seek equality, they must take responsibility too. I know something that is true in the medical field where many women don’t want to go to rural areas to work, or they do not want to work nights or they go part time.
    In Singapore, they are very strict in choosing women for doing medicine as they have found out many go part time and aren’t willing to work “difficult” hours, in effect blocking a man who would have done a full time job anywhere anytime. Governments consider such behaviour as a loss and aren’t reluctant to employ women.

    I agree that women should be given a better chance at equality but women too must realise that with equal rights they must take equal responsibility.

    We play rugby, football and cricket. But do they play net ball? We wear trousers and jackets and shirts, but would they think of wearing a dress.

    When men start doing these, we will be equal. As long as we do what they do, we are running behind them.

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