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Women’s History

womens rightsIt’s Women’s History Month…and all I can think of, is why don’t they call it HER-story?

At any rate, even as I ponder that insightful question I thought I would share the best story I’ve come across on Women’s History. This one is by Time Magazine, and I think you may find it to be a wealth of information. For example, did you know it used to be only Women’s History week, and now we have an entire month?

Fun facts:

To add to the layers of women’s history and empowerment, March 8th is International Women’s Day with the theme being “parity.”  We’ve come a long way, and yet “parity” is still at issue, globally. Follow this informative link for the details:

So what are you doing, if anything to acknowledge Women’s History Month?

  • Do you have any activities planned around Women’s History?
  • Do you have friends who have planned celebrations?
  • Are you doing anything special to bring about “parity”?
  • Is there anything you would like to discuss about Women’s History?

Let’s take this discussion over to Winged~Women on Facebook and see how it unfolds….

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See you there!
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