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When You Realize You Always Had the Power to Break the Chains

The image above shows a broad smile on the face of a woman who is clearly in her element. It’s that smile when you realize you always had the power to break the chains that held you small and stifled your natural expansive nature.

This week, give yourself permission to really look in the mirror at yourself. What do you see? Go beyond the surface and see into your spirit: Is the light as bright as ever, or has it been extinguished over the years? Maybe it’s still bright, and maybe its embers only glow where once the flame shown so brilliantly.

Think back to when you were a youngster, perhaps playing on the school yard playground.  What do you see when you look at that child in your mind? Are you still as carefree? Are you still as authentic? Are you still as lovable? As you look back in your memory, send your inner child a heart-felt energetic flow of acceptance. Feel that love and acceptance blossom in your heart….

Days and life have a way of piling up, layers that drape us with history/herstory, painful lessons, harsh struggles, insecurities that rape our sense of self, and the polar opposite of joys, and triumphs, and rewards that fill us, and can come only by way of experiences.

I watch my youngest grandchild maneuvering through life, headstrong, insecurities already being hidden, camouflaged beneath an outward strength that deflects much (though I do see through that outer persona from time to time, consider in awe the insecurities that rest just behind the eyes). I wonder at what age the shell begins to form, that protective egg-thin barrier that we pretend protects us, even as we flinch at words, or grimace, or return “side-eye” looks, a term and expression I’ve noticed often lately.

Not for one split second do I think we get out unscathed, nor do I think we are meant to be without scars. Scars are the evidence that we have lived. After all, who would you be, if not for the experiences that have shaped you, maybe even dimmed your spirit a bit. The sought after key to life, it seems, is to fan the flames and find that light in even (or most particularly in) the darkest moments that we come thru. Then you look in the mirror at that face, at that inner spirit, your eyes will be more entertained, more likely to really see that even when you thought your life was hard or without meaning or when you felt most alone, you always had the power to break the chains….

Give yourself kudos for that. Love yourself hard.


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