Risking Stepping Into Your Authentic Self & Tears of Joy

Fork In Road Freeway Sign[bctt tweet=”Stepping into your authentic self, feels like a risk, am I right?”]

Much worse, is staying in the pain of not stepping into your authentic self. That is killing you. The dis-ease that comes from stuffing emotions, the very act of holding tightly to your old war stories where you play the role of victim, and the amount of energy that is required to hold onto the past -a past that does not need to define your future, is deadly. That dis-ease leads to disease and the results are fatal.

[bctt tweet=”Releasing the hold of the stuck, stagnant energy that is holed up in your craw, and in your energetic body, also serves your physical body. “]

There is no disconnect from the mind-body-spirit self. None. And so to own your voice, indeed to take full ownership of your life is not only empowering, it is not only life changing, it is actually life-saving.

One of the most authentic women I have ever had the opportunity to know and love and learn from, is best-selling publisher, Linda Joy. And today I have included a link to a video where Linda Joy shares her most profound moment of discomfort, that day where she sat off the side of the road, contemplating the fork, and her survival….


If you’re a woman who is feeling the discomfort of being disconnected from your authentic self, give yourself permission to be in this moment, and listen to Linda Joy as she describes her transformation from “welfare mom” to international publisher on a mission to serve women. Linda Joy is the real deal. She represents all that I stand for, and I am proud to present this audio to you today.


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No longer are we living, working and playing in a traditional masculine frequency of competition. We are now embracing the feminine power principles and the paradigm is shifting. It is with your feminine empowerment as my heart-centered desire, that I invite you to connect.

But first, watch as Linda Joy sheds tears as she goes back to the memory of the day that was the fork in her disconnected way of life…and be on the look-out for the one word that changed her life….



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