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YOUR Energetically Creative Self

This post, YOUR Energetically Creative Self offers a demonstration of how you create energy. It’s long been a proprietary tool in my empowerment toolbox. For equally as long, it’s been a nudging from the universe to share this demonstration that’s only previously been shared in group settings where the participants can actually physically feel energy move from their energy centers, and down their arms, exiting out into the environment. Unless you’ve been a participant in one of my Women’s Empowerment Groups, you’ve probably never experienced this simple, yet powerful demonstration of how you create energy. But now, I am heeding the urging from the universe, and putting it out here for all to see.

If you’ve been with me for any length of time, you most likely realize that I am first and foremost, an energy worker. I haven’t always labeled myself as such, as it wasn’t until a decade back that I began to understand that not everyone is intuitive, at least not consciously. I do believe we each are born intuitive, and a lot of that intuition is buried under years of conditioning. I know my own intuition has been with me since I was a very young child, as I needed it to keep me safe in an uncertain world. There was a period where I had to ‘re-member’ with that part of myself, as I had discarded at least my awareness of it, until sometime in my thirties when it was resurrected.

For much of my life, I didn’t understand that not everyone could intuit a person’s energy, or the energy of a house, and such. Because it was such a normal part of my make-up, I never saw the possibility that others didn’t see as I saw. Why couldn’t others, as example, see the crookedness of the politician, the deviance of the leader, the feeling of ‘death’ that lingered in a home I was previewing during my brief stint as a Realtor? Why did so many people miss the cues that were so obvious to me? And the deeper question I ask myself now, what took me so long to discover that not everyone could ‘feel’ those intuitive feelings, or intuitively “see” things the way I do?

Energy is not only all around us, it IS US. We are not made of energy, we ARE energy. EVERYTHING is energy. And at a molecular level you can see that. Even the chair you’re sitting in as you read this post, is a vibrating energetic mass that we agree is a “chair.” If follows, that where there’s energy, there is connection. And it also follows that it’s not possible to be separate from everything or anything. There is no “nothingness” even as we look around at air space that appears empty.

The primary reason I share this short video demonstration (below) with you here, is because I am hoping everyone that watches the video will make the connection between the energetic flow that comes from you out into your environment, touching all those in your energetic sphere. You have creative power. That’s a very powerful trait to own, to hone, to use to your benefit.

Start with watching the example in the video. And over the next few days, please come back and share your experience.

By the way, if at first attempt you don’t experience anything, that’s okay. It just means there is another opportunity for you to try again later. What I do encourage is that you open your mind and your heart, and breathe in to get grounded and aligned before you start the process of discovering your energetically creative self.

For some reason, the voice was not captured on this video, and rather than talk you thru it, I simply put it to soft background music. Read along as you participate in the guided exercise, and then leave your comments regarding your experience.

Much love.


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