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YOUR Passsion Turned Into Profit? Do YOU Believe?


There is a saying that goes something like, do what you love and you’ll never work a day in your life…. It’s not quite the truth. There will always be things that you don’t especially love to do that must be done in business. However, with that said, you can turn your passion into profit and hire out the stuff that isn’t your “thing.” I liken this to the idea taught to me by a car stereo salesman. He assured me that my 100 watt per channel stereo was a powerful and valuable audio system, and then he advised me that any system is only as good as the weakest link.

I think of that wisdom now as I consider my passion and the many ways it brings me profit AND joy. In spite of following my passionate purpose, there are many places in my business where I am the weak link. For those functions I hire out a person whose strength in that specific area is greater than mine. I replace the weak link (me) with the strong link (that specialist). And the truth is, I believe this makes for a richer experience for clients too, because I am freed up to do what I do best, which is to serve clients as opposed to the behind the scenes minutia that makes me a bit cranky. 🙂

  • So what do YOU absolutely LOVE doing?
  • If money and survival were not at issue, how would you spend your time?
  • Have you ever seriously considered what it would take to make a living following your passion, or have you taken the time to actually create a plan to achieve that?
  • Are you working towards that escape hatch from a job you aren’t best suited for?
  • If not, what stops you?

There is a false security in working for others. It’s easy to leave a job at the end of each day and not have to think about it again until the alarm goes off and thrusts you head first into another day. But how many unsuspecting folks have practiced this routine for years and years, and then been blindsided by a pink slip, and if they’re lucky, a token severance package?

There’s no security in that!

I once worked for a subsidiary of American Telephone and Telegraph, better known as AT&T. The pay was good. The hours were doable. The befits were premium. I hated it. That loathing propelled me into “non-traditional” work as a Teamster truck driver, but not without hundreds of protests from my well-meaning co-workers. “Where are you going to go and make this kind of money, and these benefits?” came the typical chorus.

i_love_my_job_mugMy first paycheck as a Teamster was for twice what I made with AT&T. And the subsidiary I’d left closed its doors months later, laying off thousands of blindsided workers. Some committed suicide in response.

The severe reactions to the layoffs, I attribute to what happens when an assumption of trust and too much dependence is placed with others. In the case of my co-workers, when that security evaporated, revealing how vulnerable we all were, the lights of awareness changed all past perspectives. Some of the suddenly unemployed had no coping tools to help them find that tunnel’s light.

So, am I telling you to quit your job and trust in yourself just because you could be laid off at any moment? No. And yes. My thoughts are that if you have an exit plan on the left and a budding sprout on the right, keep nurturing both until they are balanced. Make a plan. Include milestones in which you will know it is then safe to cut the purse strings and follow your bliss. But first, you have to know exactly what that bliss is. And then you have to look at ways that the passion can be turned into profits.

Was truck driving my passionate purpose? Nope. But it supplied me with some priceless lessons of owning my strength, my voice, and my worth. And those lessons are the tools that took me to the next rung on the ladder of becoming a women’s empowerment life coach and transformational author.

We don’t recognize the power when we’re in it, but every experience serves us on our life path. The unfolding is at times gentle and sweet, and other times it’s a 7 point quake that shakes us into the future. And we are exactly where we are meant to be. Always.

If you have questions that could use an unbiased ear, schedule a 15 minute Clarity Call and let’s see if we can gel the dream into a reality plan. The call is complimentary this month as my Valentine’s gift to you. But only while the available time slots are open. Once they are filled, this offer goes away. And to answer your next question, no subject is off topic. Maybe you are following your bliss and have another pressing issue that we can take a look at. It’s up to you. Either way, Happy Valentine’s Day.  ♥

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