Jan Deelstra

Jan Deelstra

Welcome to my ABOUT Page, where I can safely assume you’ve come to check me out, and learn more about what goes on here. These personal about pages, I admit, are a bit of a mind-wrestling experience as I struggle with what, exactly, you want to know about me…. 

In the ‘nut-shell’ version, I help women align their mind, with their body, with their spirit, creating a whole/gestalt force. And when you are in alignment, you are in your feminine power. And nothing can stop you when you are in this authentic frequency of infinite you.

From the feminine empowerment groups I facilitate, to the award-winning transformational books I write, women’s empowerment is the focus. Since 1984, women globally, have experienced profound, permanent, transformative shifts as a result of investing in life-changing services and products. 

As a result of her investment, each client receives an over-flowing self-love toolkit. Their guide has pioneered the path in advance. I am that guide, Jan Deelstra, Women’s Empowerment Coach, Consultant, and Transformational Author. I am a master life coach with formal education in psychology, women’s studies, and social work, and with expert professional training in gestalt group facilitation, life coaching and mentorship. I am also a certified hypnotherapist, a certified neuro linguistic programming (NLP), certified in Law of Attraction (LOA), and specializing in breaking through inner blocks to success and fulfillment. 

With a unique background in spirituality, socio-cultural and women’s issues, and an innate passion to globally fuel each woman’s full-winged experience of living fully, my calling is to help you emerge into the life you desire and deserve.

But here’s what I think:

It’s not really about me.
It’s about you.

I don’t think you really care which charities I favor with my tithes, or how many certificates and degrees I’ve earned, or that I’m mostly vegetarian, or that I adore a robust, chocolate-woven berry-based Merlot or Pinot Noir wine, or even how the frequently nefarious events of my beginnings form the very foundation that supports my women’s transformational empowerment business.

What I do believe, is that you want to know about is what makes me the best life coach to guide you into YOUR feminine empowerment. You, I’m surmising, are most interested in the “YOU BENEFIT” of what I provide…and so, allow me to break it down a bit:

My women’s empowerment formula is a highly effective, rapid-results getting, well-stirred blend of what I refer to as the ‘feminine empowerment perspective’ mixed with enlightened spirituality (NOT religious dogma), and with hefty scoops of energy circulation exercises, and constant self-awareness expansion, and doubtless pinches of logic and reasoning.

Blending feminine energies of receptivity, collaboration with others, and heart-felt authentic services designed to enhance and empower each woman to reach towards her greatest potential is the core, and that is why this website was created.

It’s all for YOU!

So peruse the pages, subscribe to some lists, read some testimonials, discover some free and for fee offers, and feast on the fempowerment smorgasbord. And when you feel comfortable, schedule a complimentary clarity call to see if we’re a good fit for coaching services.

Books by Jan linked to Amazon

Infinite Pie by Jan Deelstra
INFINITE PIE: From Finance to Romance

INFINITE PIE: From Finance to Romance, the Parallel Feminine Frequency of Money & Love is the book that makes sense of the challenges of love and money.

Escaping the Chrysalis by Jan Deelstra
Escaping the Chrysalis

Escaping the Chrysalis is a 400+ page life manual you will dog-ear for decades to come.  From assertive communication to relationships to wealth, this book delivers!

Escaping the Chrysalis Workbook

This Escaping the Chrysalis Companion Workbook contains the same experiential exercises used in group and one-on-one coaching. This trade-secret workbook is worth  far more than its weight in gold!


Robyn Tate

"Jan's authenticity as a consultant and an author is complemented by her intuitive ways of knowing and understanding as well as her vast knowledge obtained through personal experience. She possesses the gifts of a holistic healer and inspires through humor, grace, and her own personal strength...Jan's writings are from the soul, at times raw and penetrating, but always genuine and engaging in their humanity. This talented woman gets it, all of it. Her desire to share her enlightenment is a rare treasure not to be missed."

Roshan Keating

“I came to Jan for guidance based on her many years of experience as a life coach. I came at a time in my life where I was emotionally stuck and unable to move forward and realize my dreams. I found the multi layered approach she takes in her breakthrough sessions and her amazing tools and techniques allowed me to really see and accept my whole self, release my limiting beliefs, and move forward with clear intentions for the future. She helped me connect to my whole body, spirit and emotional self. I had breakthroughs in areas I had been struggling with for years. I found her to be insightful, engaging, caring, highly experienced and gave so much throughout our interactions. I would highly recommend her to anyone wanting to breakthrough their limiting beliefs and reach their true potential and create a life that nourishes their heart and soul.”

Shelly Frost

“Beautiful on the inside and out... Her writings come from the depth of her soul. Jan’s writings and insight has touched my heart. Her lessons on Empowerment and life are so liberating and right on. Learning to love and respect ourselves, set boundaries, love, forgive and release. Jan is remarkable as a women, author and dear friend! For those that have self doubt, need help becoming the real you, I highly recommend Jan for your empowerment coach!”

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