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5d6d712c016a53860081b69412c96b4fI’ll share some personal notes here, and tell you that I have not always been at the top of the mountain. My life, as is true with most humans, has had pits and hills, and has been laden with what I like to now call, “learning experiences.” We’ve all had them, the experiences that at the time seemed so un-survivable, or that threatened to derail us completely. Maybe you were derailed for a time. Maybe you still are reeling from an experience that left you wondering “WTF was that about?” Or maybe you’ve chosen to not look for the lesson in the experience, because, you surmise, it would be too painful to look back or re-live. Instead, under the guise of survival, you look the other way.

Life is experiential. And when we live in acute self-awareness of the experience, of whatever experience we are in, as a whole, we are happier and more authentic. And the raw truth is, denial never propelled anyone to fulfillment. Just sayin’….

That word, “authentic” has been used a LOT lately. I’ve heard self-professed gurus spewing the importance of being authentic, even as those same folks are being inauthentic. Regardless of how authentic or inauthentic the guru, the message is a pure truth:

Living in one’s true authenticity means never apologizing for your life


being “authentic” is to not live small.

If you are done living “small” I can show you the path to the top of that mountain, for I have gone before you. And believe me, that overall experience has given me many life lessons and much wisdom to share.

Marianne Williamson says, “Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate, our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure,” and I believe it.
Are you thru playing small? Are you thru with pretending that you are less than “powerful beyond measure”?

Today, take five or ten moments in a quiet place with a pad of paper and pen (or more perfectly with your journal), and answer this question:

What outcome to my life’s challenges would I like to achieve?

Really sit with this. Breathe deeply in through your nose and exhale fully out through your open mouth. Repeat this breath exercise three times to relax into this authentic moment of truth. Allow the question to swirl around the space in your mind, and then settle into your solar plexus: What outcome to my life’s challenges would I like to achieve? Be aware of your body now. Feel the question in your body: What outcome to my life’s challenges would I like to achieve? What do you feel physically at this moment while you entertain the question? What outcome to my life’s challenges would I like to achieve? Stay present with the physicality of this.

  • Notice your heart’s beat (Rapid or slow/normal)
  • Notice your palms (Dry or sweaty?)
  • Notice your body: do you experience pain anywhere?
  • Notice your breathing (Shallow or deep/relaxed)
  • Notice your face (Tight or relaxed?)
  • Notice your spine.
  • Notice your forehead.
  • Notice your jaw.

Without judgment, just notice. Simply be with your body. Let it/you speak to you with the physical senses. Be aware. Be very self-aware.

Place your focus on your crown chakra, at the top of your head. Notice the top of your head. Now consciously relax the top of your head. Good. Now, move consciously down to your face, and relax your forehead, and then relax your mouth and jaw. Great. Focus now on your neck. Relax your neck. When your neck is loosened, move on to your shoulders and spine. Notice your shoulders and spine, and consciously relax them. Move your awareness to your heart. Send love to your heart. See your heart being fed a supply of pink light energy, and see your heart pump that pink light energy throughout your veins. Now place your focus onto your solar plexus, at the space around your umbilical cord scar. Envision an umbilical cord connected to the universal flow of light energy. See, with your mind’s eye, the energy flowing into you, coursing throughout your physical and light bodies, and moving stagnant energies. This flow releases any stuck inner blocks to your success and fulfillment. Feel the flow of universal life blood energy. You are healing emotionally and physically as this source energy circulates, purifies and rejuvenates you from the inside out.

Ask the question: What outcome to my life’s challenges would I like to achieve?

Answer the question. You have your own best answers. Trust you, and answer the question. LISTEN. Hear your own inner wisdom. Write down the answer.

That may sound odd coming from a life consultant. But refer to paragraph one where I clearly state there have been experiences and lessons learned. And it may seem counterintuitive for me to tell you that you, not I, have your best answers. Afterall, that sounds like I’m turning away business. And business is my livelihood.

I’m not worried.

Here’s why I’m not worried about turning away business: I KNOW that once you’ve learned the Gestalt Techniques that I can teach you, you will learn to trust you to give you the best answer.  When that happens, you will, just as thousands of others have, refer your best friend, lover, co-worker, etc. When you experience the outcome to your life’s challenges that you would like to achieve, others will recognize the shift. They will ask you for the secret of your transformation, and you will turn them on to Gestalt Techniques, and to me.

You see, together, we will explore the outcome that you really desire. Just guessing here, but I’ll wager that what you’re seeking is an emotion.

  • Maybe you want to feel at peace.
  • Perhaps freedom is the challenge you’re seeking to experience.
  • Maybe it’s love that seems to be the far away goal.

It could be a better career, and that’s not an emotion. There is, however, an emotion attached to the desire of having a better career. It could be a sense of accomplishment, or freedom to make other choices, or the status that re-affirms your personal worth…. There is always an undercurrent of emotion to any desire, and when we uncover that emotion, things start to really happen. You own your wings.


You are kindred with the butterfly. Every butterfly MUST struggle to break out of the chrysalis that wraps it so tightly, because the struggle actually, literally, gives the insect the strength to eventually fly free. If, thinking yourself helpful, you were to clip the cocoon from the butterfly, the butterfly would never fly, and would die on the ground. Seriously.  And so would you. Imagine if you had never experienced loss. I have lost a child, and although it was the most brutally painful experience of my life, and honestly, was one which I would not have bet on surviving, I have HUGE amounts of strength and wisdom as a result of that struggle to survive. The degree of love I felt as pain from losing my son is untouchable, and is the most responsible for my enlightenment. If, following the death of my father when I was only 18 months old, I had not been raised by a single mother, I would have missed a lot of strength-building exercises that built character and taught me that girls can be strong and competent. Had I never loved and lost, I would not have experienced the importance of true self-love. Had I not found my inner strength to leave a bad marriage, I would not have gone on to learn the gestalt techniques that turned my life around, and empowered me with full-winged self-esteem.

Whatever the outcome you are seeking, gestalt techniques, my guidance, and YOU can get you there.

When you are ready, we can schedule a fifteen minute conversation to determine if we are a good fit. And if not, we’ll part ways, no worse for the wear and tear.

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Gestalt means ‘whole’ and so are you. With a secure self-esteem in place, there is nothing you cannot accomplish.

Self-esteem directly effects:

  • your income level
  • your love life
  • your interpersonal relationships
  • your family interactions
  • your career choices
  • your wealth thermostat
  • your health and wellness
  • your education
  • your personal expansion
  • your experience of being human

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When you are ready to experience your wings, when you are in enough pain that you simply must take action to transform into the beautiful full-winged version of the whole/gestalt you, fill out the scheduling form on the right hand side (bottom) of this website and request your FREE fifteen minute discovery call. Gestalt means whole, and so are you, whole and perfect in your humanness.

I look forward to speaking with you, when you are ready for transformation.

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