Finding Blessings in the Mire


To EVERY experience, regardless of how painful, shameful, heart-aching, or fearful, there is a unique and blessed gift. It may elude you at the time, yet it exists, obscured sometimes beneath the pain or shame, and the fear of re-visiting it. The hidden gift, once revealed, is an empowering moment of grace. We’ve all heard it:

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As a result of my own dark shadows, came a book, Blessings in the Mire: A True Story of Miracles & Recollections. Writing it was truly the catalyst for my salvation, and for my survival. In the writing process, I dug deep into the past, the present, and the future, seeking to excavate the rewards for so much suffering, because I believed what I had been taught, that there is a reason for everything….

Blessings in the Mire is probably the most candid, indeed intimate book you will ever read. It goes behind the blinds that hid a tainted childhood, into the corners where light dare not go and devils have their way. But lest you be fearful of reading such brutal honesty, let me assure you it overflows with love, divinity of angels, connections with spirit guides, and with more pure radiant energies and miracles than a single person has a right to experience.

It’s a beautiful tale, because by the book’s end, you’ll see that I was right to believe: There are no accidents. Everything does happen for a reason. It’s up to us to find that cherished reason in the mixture of good and evil. Even in the death of my child.

Oh, and as an added bonus, the book is reported to have “healing properties” by those who read it…particularly for those who have suffered the loss of a loved-one….

To welcome you to my tribe of empowered women, I’m gifting you the complete electronic version as a fully downloadable e-book, at absolutely no cost, because I believe everyone benefits when they understand that there are Blessings in the Mire. And for that end, I am willing to stand in front of you, stripped of all public etiquette and share the truth of my story.

Blessings in the Mire was my first book, and definitely not as professional as those that followed. Yet, although i’s not the most polished, it’s definitely the most candid.

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