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Congratulations on reaching this download page where you can begin to fill your self-love toolbox with valuable content from audio recordings, to videos, to PDFs, to informative newsletters, to content-rich blog posts. The content on this website changes weekly, because it’s my life’s calling to empower women with self-esteem, confidence building tools to release the past stagnant energies and step into a vibrant life.

Sometimes we’re just too tired to care, too weak to make the change to improve our life. What I know for sure, is that there is a cycle that if left unchecked, can keep us in a pattern of sameness, of not ever realizing our worth and potential.

And so I coach, I write, I blog, I create the memes, the courses, the books, the website pages, the services, the products, the means to help women to break free of the cycle that steals life under the guise of busy-ness without productive results.

I am here to support you.

I know that you matter, and I have felt your pain at not truly living the life you only dream of, and only then when you allow yourself the luxury of dreaming….

I am here, and have been since 1984. I am here because this is my calling. And I can help you find and live yours too.

Always at your pace, and always from a place of gratitude, that of all the women’s empowerment coaches on the globe, you’re here, at this moment, with me. And there are no accidents. You are exactly where you are meant to be, taking full advantage of all that is offered here to you.

Much love my friend.

Now go get the first round of empowering goodies….

Bonus Gift #1
Stress Killer Meditation (click link to save)

Bonus Gift #2
12 Steps to Self-Esteem Infograph

Bonus Gift #3
Seven Self-Empowering Questions

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The Self-Worth Experience (Podcast)

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The Self-Worth Experience (Video)

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Bonus Offer #1

Emotional Transformative Release Technique $27

There is no reason to hold on to stagnant energies that hold you small. Learn to release the blocks to success easily and effortlessly. Get the Emotional Transformative Release Technique for only $27! Regularly priced at $197. Yours today through this special offers page only. A 2 MP3 set, plug in and listen to the instructive meditation. Transform your wornout messages today!

Bonus Offer #2

Cultivating Self-Worth: You are a Perfect Seed $297

Inside of you are all the answers, if only you learn how to cultivate your sense of self-worth and deserving. This online course is AMAZING in that you excavate to the roots and decide what to cultivate and what to pull and throw. Completely online in a private secure portal, we will get to the roots of whatever has been holding you back. A very comfortable and effective way to increase your sense of self-worth. You’ll LOVE this one!

Bonus Offer #3


My award-winning proprietary process is available to you through this special offers link for half-price. This is a serious tool which you will forever have, once you go through this special 3-tiered process to breakthrough whatever holds you in a pattern of pain, fear, or suffering. A 30 day process that will transform your life. Invest only $497 and begin to reap the rewards in EVERY area of your life. If it needs to be transformed, we can do it with this Breakthrough Process.

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Queen’s Dozen Coaching Sessions $997 Save thousands and get a free workbook!

The Queen’s Dozen is the best deal in the world for coaching services, and that doesn’t mean they are not effective! To the contrary, when you invest in the Queen’s Dozen, you receive 11 sessions to be used in any configuration over the course of 90 days. Use them all at once like a VIP session, or spread them out over the 3 months, or break them into any shape that fits your schedule and your needs. The Queen’s Dozen has not been offered for a very long time, and will be pulled as soon as it fills up. These are DEFINITELY LIMITED because I am on the phone with you for 45 minutes at a time times eleven times! Now here’s where it gets REALLY GREAT: If you’re on of those fortunate to get in on the Queen’s Dozen, you’ll receive the award-winning full-color Escaping the Chrysalis Companion Workbook delivered to your door! This is a physical book worth over $100 including shipping and handling! And you’ll get it FREE with the already crazy-cool unbelievable deal of 11 sessions for only $997. That’s less than $97 per session, the cost of a 15 minute session! Now you see why these are so limited!

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If you prefer to purchase Escaping the Chrysalis Companion Workbook you’ll receive Escaping the Chrysalis free!

Escaping the Chrysalis Duo

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