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2 Copies of The Flying Game & FREE SHIPPING! $25

The Flying Game 2 Copy Special Offer!

Stella Harris has more than a few quirks…. In fact, Stella is bit neurotic, and she has that troublesome habit of counting constantly, of finding patterns in everything she sees, and of living mostly in her own chaotic thoughts….

She was not without a past, a past that had created patterns in her head that kept cycling, creating more of the same, and threatening to be her downfall.

Stella’s thought were stuck in fear, a recording needle that kept repeating, repeating, repeating, and all she could do is freeze, paralyzed by what ifs….

And then she met Crystal and life took on a new shade of possibilities….

Of course, it is not without resistance that the awkward and defensive Stella visits with the equally unique Doctor Marvel. (The Universe has a funny sense of humor that way…) The only thing about those visits that Stella sort of enjoys is that she likes to size him up as he drones on about his silly philosophies…. As he chatters, Stella is busy noticing the old desk where the doctor’s days have worn their proof of existence. She sizes up the threadbare rug on the stained wood floor. Chair casters have made their mark -the result of decades of patients. (Stella’s constant rocking not being the least invasive form of abusing the floors.)

Why doesn’t he buy new stuff, Stella wonders as he continues to drone on…or retire for cripesakes! And she turns her focus to the tree outside that knock, knock, knocks three times on the clouded window pain….


In spite of all her psychological barricades, nothing can prevent Stella from ultimately absorbing the truth that Dr. Marvel has tricked her into understanding: Like the Tin Man, Stella discovers, her strength has always been inside of her.

You will feel real fear for her, as Stella contemplates entering into the void of space beyond reason’s edge…. You’ll experience the unfolding self-awareness through the eyes of Stella, as she begins to recognize outdated internalized messages, and then to consciously release her personal self-sabotaging demons. You’ll revel as she begins to awaken, ultimately creating new, more productive ways for turning her life around…. And finally, you will celebrate as she finds the missing link, eventually unearthing the joy that was missing, or more accurate, the joy that was never missing, but was only misplaced….

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