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Congratulations for making the commitment to your personal transformation. You may recall from the Platinum Services order page that we believe your shift began the moment you invested in yourself via the PayPal button. Give yourself credit for having the current level of self-love and awareness to step into your potential. It is an honor to welcome you to the present moment, where all your dreams can come true. 

As a Platinum Services Member, your successful outcome is paramount.

The following are guidelines, and not to be taken as rigid.  Please keep in mind that the duration of a typical consultation session is up to 90 minutes, with the average being approximately 55 minutes. This is largely dependent on your challenges and desires, as well as dependent on the intensity of the session and topic. Plan accordingly. If you have a challenge that is potentially demanding of your time and energy, you may wish to schedule your consult session on a day with a light load of tasks. If the topic is one which energizes, you may want to schedule earlier in the day to avoid being overly stimulated at bedtime. We will discuss the best overall time to meet our schedules on a repeat basis. However, there will likely be times when adjustments are made to accommodate your needs.  

Look over your calendar and see which day and time generally works best. You will want to schedule your personal time when you are free of interruption and distraction, and ideally when you will have the remainder of the day to reflect and/or take action. 

The next step is to schedule your personal consulting calls. Calls are scheduled during the first three weeks of each month, and slots currently available for repetition are Tuesday thru Thursday from 7:00 a.m. until 7:00 p.m Pacific Time Zone. Please remember to schedule your appointments for the first 3 weeks of any month, for the next 3 months at a minimum. We are dark the last week of every month.

Schedule your initial dates for this confidential series here Scheduler Calendar 

I look forward to our sessions.

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